Mold Testing in Hollywood FL

It is very important to make sure you have clean air to breathe in your home. Sometimes you could be experiencing allergies or headaches with no seeming cause. You may smell a musty odor or you see mold climbing up a wall. If any of this is happening, it is time to have a test performed. When the mold test is done, your suspicions can be confirmed so that the issue can be resolved.

Most mold testing involves taking a sample of either the air or a surface of a house. Essentially, a certified mold inspector “tests” the air or surface to find out what kind of mold exists or if the mold found is able to grow in the area tested. This important type of mold testing is the taking of air samples or surface samples to determine if mold is present. After the samples of the air or surface are gathered, they are sent to a lab so a report can be generated. Now, this may sound a bit overwhelming, but it is very important.

Even if you use a do-it-yourself test, sending samples to a lab may be best. Just keep in mind that the results of DIY tests aren’t going to be as correct as a lab test using a sample taken by a certified professional Inspector.


Benefits of Mold Testing

When the results of the mold testing reveal a mold problem, A certified mold testing experts can determine the exact cause or source of the mold growth. Remember, getting the issue fixed promptly is vital in containing the contamination and preventing mold spores from spreading to other areas of your property.

Testing of a surface sample or an air quality test, has several purposes:

  • Assessing fungal ecology
  • Confirming the presence of mold in the air of surface
  • Tracing sources of moisture
  • Assessing potential health risks
  • Eliminating potential health risks
  • Planning a mold remediation
  • Providing evidence for insurance claims/litigation
  • Verifying job completion

If you suspect that you have mold in your home in Hollywood , it’s important to hire an expert in mold remediation to perform a professional mold inspection. Every home has the potential for mold when spores are introduced to the correct conditions. If a pipe has a small leak inside your wall, you might not even be aware of it for some time. Water can lead to significant damage. Having regular mold testing or inspection helps you with: 

Helps to Find Moisture

Even if you don’t currently have mold growing in the air or surface of your home, you might have areas that are at risk for mold. A mold testing can help reveal leaks and other areas of moisture in your home. Remediating these problems can help you avoid not only mold but also prevent other costly damage.

Keep the Mold from Spreading

Mold spreads extremely quick. It takes just 48 hours or less for it to grow and it can colonize in as little as a day. Finding and permanently remediating mold can keep it from spreading throughout your home.

Prevent Health Risks

Mold is dangerous to almost everyone, and most people are not aware when they have been exposed to mold. Mold exposure initially causes minor symptoms—such as a cough, headache runny nose or congestion. These are often initially confused for something else. Mold exposure has been linked to asthma and other chronic issues. Therefore, it is best to prevent health problems by having regular mold inspections.

Mold can cause health problems due to it being a fungus-based life form. Symptoms can include but not limited, sinus congestion, allergic reaction respiratory problems, throat irritation, skin rash, and headaches. In the long term it can also affect a number of issues that matter to your health and your financial well-being.

If you live in Hollywood or the surrounding area, contact Total Mold Testing to schedule professional mold testing. With our services, you can rest assured that your home is a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality significantly drops when the mold in your house becomes airborne. A mold testing professional can test your indoor air quality for signs of mold spores. If he finds mold in your house, he will perform professional mold testing to see if you are at risk for toxic mold exposure.

Reduce Your Risk of Damage to Your Home

Especially when going to sell your property one of your main concerns is getting the most value out of your home. However, what can ruin a defect in the home is that if there is something wrong with the home itself. Mold is an issue that many buyers of home are concerned about in older properties, but it also should be a concern in new properties as well. A mold inspection and mold remediation will reduce or prevent serious structural harm.

Mold Testing Cost

Professional mold inspectors in Hollywood will charge an amount to test an average-sized property and home for toxins. Mold Inspectors take a close look at your home and find both symptoms and sources of moisture damage.

Some businesses offer a free mold testing service, these pros may require you to work with them on mold remediation service also. Others charge a more comprehensive inspection that includes sample testing. Your range can go as high for a large property. You can also get a DIY(Do-it-Yourself) testing kit for $40 or less, but it does not replace a comprehensive assessment. If you even suspect its presence, you need to get an expert to measure location and spread of the growth, the damage it has caused, and how you can remove it.

You should use an industrial hygienist or mold home inspector when testing for mold in Hollywood or its surrounding areas. Total Mold Testing is a professional and reputable mold remediation company that removes mold and mildew from homes and businesses in Hollywood . Total Mold Testing has only local, certified mold inspectors, with the latest tools to help find the source of the mold.

Contact us for more information and benefits to how quality assurance testing will enable effective remediation for your next project.