MOLD Testing in Orlando City

Most homes in Florida are vulnerable to mold infestation due to its humid weather. Mold grows within damp and warm areas of the home. Mold is a type of fungus that lives indoors and most of the time is not visible at sight. If you have/had a water leak, roof leak, been the victim of a flood, and/or have bad circulation of air flow within your home you are at risk for mold growth.

Why Hire a Mold Testing Company in Orlando City?

It is important to have your home tested for mold by licensed mold inspectors before consulting a mold remediation company. A certified mold inspector will test various areas of your home, send the results to an AIHA accredited lab for analysis, and go over the results with you. For best results, make sure to hire an unbiased mold testing company in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

How Does Mold Testing Work in Orlando City?

We start with a visual inspection of your home looking for signs of mold. Our experts look for areas of concern like humidity, dampness, and where a leak or excessive moisture is suspected. Our certified mold inspector will then use hi-tech tools like moisture meters and infrared cameras to find other areas that mold could possibly expand. We take samples of surfaces and the air to send to the laboratory for analysis by trained mold experts.
The lab experts will produce results based on:

  • What species the mold is from
  • The quantity of mold
  • Elevated mold levels

Once the laboratory report is complete, we will send you a copy to make sure you understand your existing mold situation and what steps need to be taken next to ensure the safety of your family and property. Our mold testing experts conduct mold testing in accordance with accepted IICRC, EPA, AIHA, ASHRAE, NIOSH, NYC and OSHA guidelines and recommendations regarding indoor environmental quality.

The importance to preventing mold is awareness of the problem. Early prevention of mold growth is the best solution to all the hazards inflicted by this microorganism. Call us for a free consultation and mold testing in Orlando City.

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